We want TO BE the hero of your STORY
We long to see you suceed in your business ventures and we hope to play a big role in your success. We look into the needs of our clients and we contantly look for means to meet your needs. We provide business decissions which helps our clients take the best decissions for their business. We talk to our clients, listen to them and contantlt come our with products and services which will add value to their business. Through packaging, transportation, warehousing and other value services, we have been able to shove up the activities of our clients. We have every reason to make us your supplier.
You cant do TODAYS job with YESTERDAYS methods
We place the interest of our clients first in everything we do. We have developed a culture which is purely customer focus. Our customer service department is carefully trained to be able to understand the needs of our clients. We are very happy to tell you that our customers are most responsible for the marketing of our products. More than 75% of our new customers are referred to us by existing customers. We hope that you will join the long list of our customers. Tell us what you need and we will always find a way to say yes.
We are the CENTER of high QUALITY products
We combine quality and cost. We offer you the best products in the market. You have every reason to do business with us.We have earned a high reputation in the market and among other big companies, for we are good supplier of many numerous products. Over the years we have established excellent trading partnerships in all the four corners of the world.
You Will Experience A New And Unique Way Of Buying it
High Quality Products
Why Trust  Thitaya Srijanyong
We give our customers the best as we work together with producers and manufacturers We know that finding quality service is very expensive but we do our best to provide our customers and client with the best services . We always strive to provide the best service to our client . that is why we train our staff . We are very patient with our client , to understand their problem and solve them accordingly
Thitaya Srijanyong  is a newly created but trusted production and distributions company in Europe.A pioneer in the field.We are well known over Asia and other continents as because of our reputation of providing quality products to the market.We are strongly support and assist our customers in all their activities with us . there by promoting a better relationship between the staff and the client for a better customer service . As of now , we do work with sole distrubution companies in europe and with many new brands of products. Kohlpaintner GmbH has earned a high reputation in the market and among other big companies, for we are good supplier of many numerous products. we provide service to major airline companies , resorts , hotels , restaurants, ships and other buyers. we also well known for our international hygiene control regulations.
We import just the best brands of products in the
market. Which are very affordable to every one.
We partner with agricultural farm producers to export all types of agricultural products across
We have become a trusted distributor to many supermarkets,
shopping malls, and stores in the world
Address : Longfai Route #34 Changmai, Thailand
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Email: info@siripenchauymai.com
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